Sarah Palin Tricked Into Fake Interview With Sacha Baron Cohen & She Is Furious (VIDEO)


Comedians sure have easy targets when making prank phone calls to Republicans, because they’ll fall for anything. Just last month disgraced and failing Republican Donald Trump was dumb enough to fall for a hilarious fake phone interview conducted by John Melendez, AKA Stuttering John. Well, today comes the news that another dumb conservative fell for a fake interview. Sarah Palin was taken down by the master impersonator Sacha Baron Cohen, and he conducted the interview in person.

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Simpleton Sarah Palin. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

The Daily Mail reported today that the half-term governor, and failed vice presidential candidate was duped into an interview for Cohen’s just announced satirical series “Who is America”, and Palin is steamed about it. She said that after she fell for the fake interview, in which she reportedly made a fool of herself, Cohen’s production team dropped her and her daughter off at the wrong airport knowing that she would be unable to flee back to Alaska from there. No word on how long it took her to finally get back, but it sure is funny.

“Who is America” is a CBS and Showtime production with Cohen and has already released a promo in which they’ve made a fool of another prominent Republican, this time Dick Cheney. The promo shows Cohen getting Cheney to autograph something for him…part of his waterboarding kit. Cheney told him it’s the first time he’s ever autographed a waterboard.

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago praising Cohen and said that it was high time for him to step back in the spotlight. Apparently, he already had that planned though without any encouragement from anyone else. Of course, since Republicans are such easy targets Cohen will be sure to keep all of us entertained while showing how idiotic his targets really are.

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