Trump Tweets About Himself In Feeble Attempt To Look Busy Like A Ridiculous Oaf


Donald Trump likes to talk a lot about helping the American people. Sadly nothing he’s done has helped any of us…making less than a million dollars a year that is. The only Americans he’s really helping are already rich beyond imagination. Today he posted a tweet trying to fool some of his simple-minded followers into believing he’s really helping them with the prescription drugs they buy.

The problem with his tweet is that Pfizer really hasn’t done much to lower their drug prices…in fact, Business Insider reported that they raised the price on 100 of the drugs they sell last Monday, including the ever-popular Viagra. Pfizer sells over 400 different medicines and vaccines, so raising the price on 25 percent of their merchandise is outrageous.

After they got blasted for raising their prices on 100 of their drugs last week, today Pfizer announced that they would readjust their pricing on about 10 percent of those and would lower a few of the 10 percent back down. So, in essence, they raised the price of 100 of their products and will readjust 10 of them, and maybe lower about 5 of them from where they were to begin with. That’s a lot farther away from what Trump’s saying. He’s making it sound like they’re going to lower the prices on a lot of their drugs.

Some may not have realized that the Pfizer CEO and the secretary he’s referring to are the exact same person. He’s making it sound like he’s talking about two different people, but he’s not. Trump installed Alex Azar as our Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, and Azar is also the CEO of Pfizer. Azar grew infamous a while back when he tripled the price of insulin that so many people depend on to stay alive.


If those people can’t get their insulin, then many of them will die. Apparently, neither Trump or Pfizer care though as long as Pfizer gets paid off by someone who can afford to pay their high prices. Trump’s tweet is nothing but misinformation to keep Americans uninformed. Check out what the Twitterverse thought of his idiotic tweet.


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