Details Of ‘Predator Parties’ Attended By Trump Released & Donald Is Rage Tweeting


Donald Trump has begun a trip that includes a visit to the Queen of England and the U.K.’s Prime Minister Theresa May. That is not what the BBC focused on, though. Instead, it investigated new allegations about the Donald’s sexually inappropriate behavior with younger women.

The BBC Panorama program alleged that the man sitting in the Oval Office spent the 1980s and 1990s attending “predator” parties with girls who were as young as 14-years-old. That might explain why the president had no trouble saying he would date Ivanka, if she was not his daughter. It gets worse.

One of the girls, Barbara Pilling, told the BBC that she met POTUS at a New York party when she was a 17-year-old model, in the late 1980’s. She said he asked her how old she was, and then he responded:

‘Oh, great. So you’re not too old and not too young. That’s just great.’

She was not the youngest girl there by far. Pilling spoke about Trump:

‘I felt I was in the presence of a shark.’

Heather Braden, told Panorama that Trump showed up at a Miami party where she was in the 1990’s. There were 50 young women models and just four men. She said:

‘I felt like a piece of meat in a market. I could have been auctioned off in some sort of a sex slave ring.’

One man, who asked to remain anonymous, told the show that he had gone to many of the same parties that POTUS attended. He said the parties were “drug- and alcohol-fueled” and” attended by older men and younger women:”

‘These were guys who could easily be (the models’) fathers — two times over. (It was) kind of like a feeding frenzy.’

He claimed that Trump’s behavior toward younger women was especially “notorious:”

‘This guy was like a predator in action. The next day or days after we would hear about it, he would brag about it to his friends and it would get around that he scored. Maybe one or two girls at a time, which is what he loved to do.’

Panorama talked to a number of others who claimed Trump had acted inappropriately toward them. He was sued by a woman who was just 13-years-old when she met the real estate mogul, according to Scribd. She tried twice to sue him for alleged sexual crimes, then dropped the lawsuits after she was threatened.

The U.K. anticipates that as many as 200,000 people will come out to protest our commander-in-chief’s visit. Activists have named their protest a “Carnival of Resistance.” A large “Trump baby” balloon will float overhead.

Neither the White House nor the president reacted to the BBC accusations. Previously, he denied any knowledge of who the women were who accused him and claimed their version of the events was fantasy. Instead, he said they were just “politically motivated.”

Of course, Donald Trump was captured on live video enthusiastically telling how he liked to sexually molest beautiful women. The infamous bus video came out just prior  to the 2016 presidential election.

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