Fox News Does The Unthinkable & Fact Checks Trump On NATO Lies LIVE In Front Of America


Conservatives have never been accused of being smart. In fact they’re so scared of learning and intelligence that they’re fine when Republican politicians under fund the public schools their children attend. Conservatives would rather keep their heads buried in the sand instead of actually learning how the real world works. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith learned that lesson today after he tried to teach his viewers how NATO works. Conservatives went out of their minds bashing him for trying to make them smarter people.

Just check out what this brilliant Trump supporter had to say. We can tell she either never went to school, or didn’t pay attention while she was there if she did.

Or how about this one…

That one was really rich. She watches the most biased news station ever created but refuses to watch the one and only unbiased journalist on their programing rotation. How do people like her ever get through a day without harming themselves on sharp objects? It’s just mind boggling. Check out what this enlightened viewer had to say.

“For love of God and country”?? He apparently needs to pay more attention to his bible. Trump goes against nearly every tenet of Christianity. He’s greedy, rich, judges everyone he meets, doesn’t go to church, is corrupt, commits crimes, allegedly cheats on his wife, heck he doesn’t even follow the golden rule. As for doing what’s best for the country, Trump has done the exact opposite.

He’s started a trade war that’s beginning to hurt our economy, gave our hard earned tax dollars to the ultra wealthy, insulted all of our allies, and cozied up to murderous dictators. He’s done nothing but hurt our country. Maybe if some of his supporters had even a modicum of common sense, and a little education, they’d be able to see that. Sadly it looks like the willfully ignorant won’t be tuning in to watch the one man who’s trying to teach them something.

The Twitterverse exploded with some really awesome responses.

Featured Image via Fierce Cable