Mueller Files Surprise Wednesday Motion After Shady Email Communications Discovered


Being white, rich, and male has its privileges, and it seems prosecutors have had quite enough of allowing those privileges for Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. After his lawyers complained about the horrible conditions Manafort suffers as he awaits trial in jail, prosecutors exposed that lie.

Suddenly, Fox News and GOP pundits who never cared when the practice of solitary confinement was imposed on any poor, black prisoner were outraged at this treatment.

Despite these horrible conditions of being locked in solitary confinement 23 hours every day, Manafort’s lawyers filed a motion for a continuance of his trial. When the judge ordered that Manafort be transferred to a different prison in Alexandria, Virginia, his lawyers surprisingly asked that he be kept in the prison where he currently resides during the wait.

Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the request for a continuance and explained exactly why the surprise request was filed.

According to NPR:

‘Lawyers working for Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller objected Wednesday to Manafort’s bid to delay the trial scheduled for July 25 in Alexandria, Va. To make their case, they cited recorded jail calls and prison logs suggesting Manafort is getting treated better than most detainees, not worse.

‘”Among the unique privileges Manafort enjoys at the jail are a private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates’ units, his own bathroom and shower facility, his own personal telephone, and his own workspace to prepare for trial,” the prosecutors wrote.

‘In monitored phone calls at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Va., Manafort has told others he is being treated like a “VIP,” the government team added.’

Defense and prosecuting attorneys are due back in court to argue over the continuance on July 17. Meanwhile, more than two million people sit in prisons with no special privileges enduring truly cruel and inhumane treatment.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg