Trump Just Said He’s More Popular Than Abraham Lincoln Like A Disrespectful Loser


Donald Trump cares about two things in life, his money and his popularity. That’s it. He doesn’t care about the country or her citizens, his family, or anything else. He craves popularity like junkies crave heroin. Well, today he delusionally boasted on Twitter that he’s more popular than the great Abraham Lincoln.

For some reason Trump really is popular among Republicans, but that’s not saying a lot. Gallup has his popularity with Republicans at 90 percent. But his popularity really has nothing to do with him though. Since the Republican party decided to become more militant back in 2010, they now hate all people who aren’t Republicans and they throw their full support behind anyone who calls themselves a conservative. If Adolph Hitler himself came back to life and was the head of the Republican party, 90 percent of the conservative base would be behind him too. So nice try Trump, you’re popularity is more about hate than it is about you.

If Trump wants to talk about popularity he should check out the newest Pew Research Poll to see where he stands with past presidents. President Obama topped the list with 44 percent saying he was the best president, followed by President Clinton (33%) then President Reagan (32%). Only 19 percent of the people thought Trump was any good. 19 percent…that’s horrible and he should just be embarrassed beyond belief.

There’s one thing the very stable genius isn’t considering when he brags about that 90 percent number though. Only about 43 percent of people consider themselves Republican. If we take 10 percent from 43 we end up with 38.7 percent. In essence only 38.7 percent of the people in the United States support him. That’s not a number he should be bragging about. Even though he knows he doesn’t really have widespread support, he’ll never admit to it. Heck he’d be bragging the same way if he was the only person in the world who supported him.

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