Pranksters Leave Hilarious Crop Circle Message For Trump Ahead Of His U.K. Visit (IMAGE)


Donald Trump has angered people the world over. It seems like none of our allies like him very much. Case in point, an English marketing agency got hold of Trump’s itinerary and the flight path his helicopter will make on its way to the city of Chequers today. The group purchased the rights to some farm land in Aylesbury and created a 600 foot wide crop circle that says “Блядь Trump” on it…translated it says “F*ck Trump” in Russian.

Trump will be able to see the message from the left side window as he’s approaching Chequers. Considering Trump is a traitor who bows to Russia, he can probably already read the language, so shouldn’t have any problem reading the message.

A marketing agency named The Tenth Man came forward on Thursday to take credit for the prank with the help of artists at Circlemakers. The Tenth Man had this to say about their genius art project.

‘We wanted to do something impactful that would get people talking ahead of Trump’s arrival, and everyone loves a crop circle mystery. We were worried no one would find out about it, but luckily it was spotted by the local Air Ambulance and according to the farmer, locals and reporters have been coming all week to photograph it.

‘It’s almost as big as Donald Trump’s ego so we’re pretty confident he’ll see it.’

It looks like Donald Trump is as despised in England as he is here in the states. It’s embarrassing that our country has a Russian mole sitting in our White House. Maybe after he’s done ruining our country he’ll head over to Russia and build a new Trump Tower there so he can live out his days among the people he so highly regards. It boggles the mind that he can find even ten people in this country who still like him. Until then we should all get used to saying Блядь Trump every chance we get.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot