Disgruntled Protesters Just Interrupted Trump’s Scottish Golf Course Vacation & It’s Perfect


Donald Trump is a widely hated man. This is true, not only in America, but all across the globe. The president’s harsh statements about both ally and enemy nations have rubbed foreigners the wrong way, and left Americans looking like utter fools.

How else could our election process be so flawed that a person of limited intelligence and questionable mental health could become the leader of the nearly free world? Pure ignorance. That’s it. The truth is that most of the country had never even heard of the electoral college before Trump, and definitely didn’t understand the power that institution had in swaying presidential elections.

So, when Trump showed up at his golf course in Scotland to get a little tee time while pretending to have gone abroad to strengthen relations with foreign leaders, locals immediately became enraged and decided to show up at the course to raise some hell.

Check out a video found on Twitter of protesters, in clear sight of the president, shouting: “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!”

The responses to the video were overwhelming, with people both near and very far commenting on the goings on in America right now. We saved the best reactions for you below: