Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump Prior To Putin Meeting Like A Champ & Goes Viral Instantly


Anyone with even a small bit of common sense knows that Donald Trump is a traitor to our country. Trump makes it blatantly obvious that he doesn’t have the best interests of America in mind when he makes decisions that hurt us, but help Russia. It seems that Russia has turned Trump against the U.S. in a big way, and people are starting to call him on it. Today Hillary Clinton publicly called Trump out asking him if he knows which team he plays for ahead of his very private meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Her tweet was in response to Trump’s tweet congratulating Putin and Russia for putting on the greatest World Cup tournament the world has ever seen. Trump is so busy fawning over Putin and Russia that it’s amazing he didn’t forget to congratulate France for their win.

For sure Trump is on the same level as Benedict Arnold in the treason department. Arnold sold out our burgeoning country to the English, and now Trump is selling out an established America so he can help Putin make Russia great again. In the return over investment category, Putin sure got his money’s worth by helping to elect Trump.

Hillary is right to call out Trump on his treason. Trump is heading to Helsinki for a private meeting with Putin. It’s been reported then they first meet there will be no witnesses or aides to their private conversation except a translator or two. One has to wonder if Trump will be using an American for his translator or if he’ll be using someone supplied by Russia like he did the last time they met.


This time Trump has publicly declared that the E.U. is our enemy before he goes to bow to his master. Russia will be great again right after Trump leaves that meeting. Hillary was absolutely right to call out Trump for his traitorous ways.

Featured Image via Getty Images