Journalist Wrestled Out Of Trump/Putin Press Conference After Speaking Out (VIDEO)


The two-minute warning for Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s press conference had sounded and long passed. People wondered what was causing the delay in the leaders’ post-summit briefing. Then, security guards asked a man sitting among the press members to stand up and leave.

The man appeared more puzzled than anything, hesitated, then walked out calmly. Within a few moments, he returned to his seat.

That was when security guards moved in on him as he held up a hand-written sign. British news outletĀ Express said it read:

‘Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.’

Members of the media did not immediately know what the problem was. There was one who said that the man with the sign was wearing a The Nation press pass.

Writer and activist Sam Husseini struggled against the security guard to hold up his sign and draw the world’s attention to his message. Then, the journalist tried to unroll a little paper banner as the guard just as strenuously struggled to prevent it.

Husseini identified himself as a journalist for The Nation, which is an American political news, commentary, and analysis publication.

The Los Angeles Times reporter, Eli Stokols, tweeted:

‘Man, that escalated quickly. Reporter re-entered, held up a sign about a “nuclear weapons test ban” and is now being FORCIBLY REMOVED.’

The media was in Helsinki, Finland to report on an historic one-on-one meeting between the two presidents. After the scuffle ended, the two leaders appeared, gave speeches, and took reporters’ questions.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.