Trump’s Post-Putin Summit Approval Rating Plummets; Donald Spirals Into Total Tailspin


Donald Trump has moved through his term acting as if he could do absolutely anything without hurting his popularity with his Republican base. Apparently, he thought that he could buddy up to one of the U.S.’s biggest enemies and side against America. He was wrong, and his most recent favorite poll showed exactly how wrong.

POTUS’ approval rating plummeted three percent after his internationally televised press conference with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. The Republican-favorite Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll reflected how the unpleasant results broke down.

The poll indicated that only 44 percent of likely U.S. voters approved of the commander-in-chief’s job performance. A full 54 percent disapproved. That included 31 percent of those strongly approving of his performance and 46 percent strongly disapproving.

The interviewed people had been exposed to critical news commentary, even on Fox, about Trump’s performance as he stood next to Putin in front of journalists. The interviewees veered from the American president’s belief that Russia will improve.

For several years, our nation has imposed economic sanctions upon Russia in an attempt to modify Putin’s aggressive behavior. The people that Rasmussen interviewed doubted that the sanctions have worked. However, Trump illegally refused to imposed Congress’ latest sanctions upon Russia.

The upcoming 2018 midterm elections have dominated the political news recently, and they have influenced how people responded to the poll. In the GOP-friendly Rasmussen’s generic congressional ballot, Democrats led Republicans.

Not all news in the poll was bad. Republican Martha Roby won her Alabama primary runoff election for U.S. House representative. This after Trump endorsed her last month.

The Daily Presidential Tracking poll indicated that Republicans remained more excited about voting in the midterms than Democrats. Republicans also led unaffiliated voters in their excitement.

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The poll indicated that the three top Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential election were: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden. However, 75 percent of Democrats interviewed believed that the party must find new blood to win the next presidential election.

Another issue the Rasmussen indicated that worried voters was Trump’s trade war with China, nearly 66 percent. He has already imposed aluminum and steel tariffs on the Eastern country, and he intends to impose tariffs on other Chinese products.

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Rasmussen Reports was the first to use automated telephone polling. Many other pollsters still continue to operator-assisted technology.

Readers have questioned how the Rasmussen poll determined its job approval ratings for Trump. They noted that this pollster’s results remained far more consistent than other companies.  Rasmussen responded:

‘It depends on how you ask the question and whom you ask. To get a sense of longer-term job approval trends for the president, Rasmussen Reports compiles our tracking data on a full month-by-month basis.’

This poll achieved its results by interviewing 500 likely voters each night by telephone surveys. It used a three-day rolling average.

Since so many people have chosen cell phones over land lines, Rasmussen Report randomly interviewed 1,500 likely voters from a demographically diverse area to complete its online survey. The margin of error was 2.5+/- percentage points and included a 95 percent level of confidence.

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