‘NY Times’ Breaks Thursday Trump Taxes & Evasion Scandal; W.H. Panic Mode Begins


Donald Trump has milked his job as president of these United State for every cent he can get out of it. On his last trip to his Scotland golf resort, the secret service paid $70,000 for room and board alone. Finally, the president is under investigation for some of his shadiest deals.

The state of New York has opened an investigation into his Donald J. Trump Foundation. Officials say that he violated state tax laws, which could land POTUS in jail.

In a similar situation, New York attorney general (AG), Barbara Underwood filed a lawsuit against the president’s foundation. She accused Trump of “violating campaign finance laws, self-dealing, and illegally coordinating with the Trump presidential campaign,” according to The New York Times.

Not only that, Underwood wanted his foundation dissolved. She also requested that Trump and his three eldest children never be able to have “leadership positions at any nonprofit operating in New York,” the New York Times reported.

Communications director for Underwood, Amy Spitalnick, said:

‘We continue to evaluate the evidence to determine what additional actions may be warranted, and will seek a criminal referral from the appropriate state agency as necessary.’

It is possible that Underwood could demand to see the commander-in-chief’s tax returns. Trump has jealously guarded them ever since he began his presidential campaign. People have been extremely curious to look at them, hoping to discover any financial connections to Russia and/or Trump’s real financial worth.

Trump has already said that he used funds from his foundation to “contribute to political causes.” He may have also used his foundation as a piggy bank to finance business disputes, and he claimed credit for substantial donations that actually came from other groups. He even financed a portrait of himself for one of his resorts.

If this investigation discovers any criminal activity, the next step would be to send the results to the state attorney general’s office or a district attorney. Either could send the results on to a grand jury.

The AG’s office has referred parts of the investigation to the Federal Election Commission (FCC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).¬†However, it seems that the New York attorney general has been waiting to implement a criminal investigation.

Former AG Eric Schneiderman resigned after a rash of allegations of sexual abuse. Yet, he won a case against Trump for his phony Trump University to the tune of $25 million. The current AG¬† accused POTUS of “undermining the rule of the law.”

Underwood has wanted New York’s double-jeopardy law altered. That would allow state and local prosecutors to bring charges against any number of Trump’s people in the event he pardoned them.

One of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s officials claimed that it was premature to know whether the tax department would send its finding to the AG or a district attorney (DA). Previously, when this has happened, the crimes have been related to tax evasion. Normally, those cases have gone to the DAs, not the AG.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.