Trump Court Nominee Caught Making Racist Remarks – Forced To Withdraw (DETAILS)


All eyes have been on Donald Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court. Yet, the president has also been carrying out some serious nominating that has managed to fly unheeded under the radar. That is, until he hit a brick wall, Ryan Bounds for the 9th Circuit appeals court.

POTUS has been flooding the federal courts with conservative to very conservative judges at breakneck speed. Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been at the president’s right hand side, greasing the judges’ passage through Congress.

McConnell has announced his withdrawal of Bound’s nomination from the powerful court, according to The Washington Post. The reason was that the vote was delayed, which usually means the leader does not have enough votes to carry the nomination forward.

A member of the press, Alex Bolton tweeted:

‘Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), the only African-American member of Senate GOP conference, tells leaders that he can’t vote for 9th Circuit Court nom Ryan Bounds because of racially insensitive remarks. Told leaders he need more time to review Bounds. McConnell withdraws nomination.’

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) raised concerns about Bounds that caused them to withdraw Bounds:

‘Senator Scott raised some concerns yesterday about the nomination and I think it became apparent the nominee was not going to prevail. The White House decided under the circumstances to withdraw the nomination and so that’s where we are.’

The GOP’s plan has been to completely transform the federal bench, where the majority of decisions are made. The Supreme Court really only takes a few cases each year.

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Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.