Googling The Word ‘Idiot’ Now Results In A Flood Of Trump Images & Donald Is Furious


People are becoming increasingly tired and angry about Mr. Trump’s policies and especially his recent meeting in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which just further proves that he colluded with Russia all along. People across the country and the rest of the world are looking for ways to express their frustration with Trump and the current system.

Now, some activists have taken their frustrations out on Google by manipulating the search engine to so that Trump is the first returned result when “idiot” is typed into the search box. According to The Guardian:

‘Donald Trump is #winning. On the back of an already excellent week where he was gifted a football and impeded a monarch, right now the president is also leaping up Google’s image search rankings, to pole position.’ Googling The Word 'Idiot' Now Results In A Flood Of Trump Images & Donald Is Furious Activism Corruption Donald Trump Russia Social Media Top Stories Videos


The Guardian reported:

‘When you type the word “idiot” into Google’s image search, Trump is the first returned result. This is partly because the Green Day song American Idiot was used by protesters to soundtrack his trip to London. But since then there’s also been a concerted campaign to capitalize on that association, and manipulate Google’s algorithm, by linking the word to the picture. Mostly this involved people upvoting a post containing a photo of him and the word “idiot” on Reddit.’

Although some people may feel that this is unfair to Trump’s supporters, Google has explained why things appear high in the search results. One example of this was that the word “Jew” started turning up results with a hook-nosed caricature in 2004. They didn’t delete the image, but instead took out ads explaining why antisemitic imagery and websites were appearing so high in the search results.

According to Google:

‘A site’s ranking in Google’s search results relies heavily on computer algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate a page’s relevance to a given query. Sometimes subtleties of language cause anomalies to appear that cannot be predicted.’

According to Fortune:

‘This is a phenomenon known as Google bombing, and it’s a function of the simple fact that Google’s search algorithms take popularity as a major indicator of relevance. And it’s nothing new.’

The first Google bomb reportedly appeared in 1999 when a search for “more evil than Satan himself” brought up Microsoft’s website.

The Guardian reported:

‘For example, for the term “fake news,” The Donald’s team managed to get CNN’s logo up the charts. Likewise, for a long time Redditors battled US telecoms giant Comcast, trying to get a swastika to the top of the company’s image searches by posting the company’s name over and over beneath the hooked cross. They later tried the same with photo sharing site Imgur.’

 According to The Guardian:

‘The irony, as you may be aware, is that despite there being no provable link between the concepts, an article in the Guardian featuring a picture of Donald Trump and the word “idiot” will only reinforce the results further. Let’s hope no one clicks on this or links to it, and say only, very soberly: “Trump Trump Trump Trump idiot idiot idiot idiot.”’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube