GOP Senate Candidate Gets Laughed At On Stage For Defending Trump’s Russia Dupe


During the 2018 Senate debate put on by the Virginia Bar Association, Republican candidate and Trump supporter Corey Stewart put in his bid to unseat current Senator and former Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine. When the conversation turned to Russia though, Stewart bit off a lot more than he could chew, and the entire audience had a laugh.

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Stewart is a particularly nasty breed of conservative and that breed is racist. Corey Stewart has a long history of making racist comments and supporting racist agendas, which is why it’s no surprise that he is a huge supporter of Trump and the Trump administration.

Throughout the entire debate held on June 20th, Stewart’s talking points were enough to make any sane person lose their grasp on reality, but by far the moment that took the cake was when a room full of lawyers, along with Senator Tim Kaine, laughed hard enough and long enough that Stewart had to pause from his statement and wait for them to finish.

Stewart made the mistake of bringing up how amazingly he believes Donald Trump has “stood up” to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Since Trump notoriously backs down from Putin at every turn, despite what side of the aisle those in attendance were sitting on, they were laughing.

On Twitter, Adam Best shared the captured moment, you can watch it in the video below:

After Stewart finished his response, and the audience’s laughter died down, Sen. Kaine wasted no time in pointing out that while Stewart is quick to defend Donald Trump, he refused to acknowledge the Mueller investigation despite being asked about it. This Kaine addresses the audience and informs them:

‘When he’s not in this room full of lawyers he says its a witch hunt that should be terminated. He is a President Trump acolyte. And he takes the President Trump line in calling for the termination of the investigation.’

When given the chance to respond to weather or not he thought the Mueller investigation was a “witch hunt” Stewart responded:

‘Well, I think that frankly it is.’

screen capture via Youtube

Here are some of the top responses from Twitter users:

You can watch the entire Senate debate from Virginia in the YouTube video below:

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