Mueller Just Subpoenaed A Real Manhattan Pimp; High Profile Hookers Have Trump Trippin’


Kristin Davis is a madam for the elite rich, including lonely and/or desperate politicians. Her roster includes high profile gents like Elliot Spitzer. No joke. She makes her living pimping women out for sex, so we aren’t exactly surprised she has ties to the investigation into the president of the United States. The question is how is she connected?

According to an NBC report:

“Kristin Davis, 41, said the Mueller representative asked if she would accept a subpoena or if the FBI would need to serve it to her. She said her lawyer called the representative back Friday to say she would accept it.”

While rumors circulate of her connection to President Trump, images like the one below of Davis with Roger Stone, a Mueller target, have begun to matriculate at well:

Image via TMZ

Davis says she has no idea why Mueller would want to speak with her:

“It’s very out-of-the blue for me, very upsetting. For them to come to me for information on Russian collusion — I don’t have anything on that.”

In nearly the same breath, Davis says that her years of work for Roger Stone may have something to do with the subpoena.

“I’ve been with Roger since 2010 doing web design and writing position papers. Since my campaign [for governor] I’ve worked for him.”

Davis was in prison, and therefore unable to work on Trump’s 2016 campaign specifically, but you best believe she would have been hired on immediately had she not been incarcerated for selling drugs to an undercover FBI agent.

According to NBC, this wasn’t Davis’ first prison stint:

“Davis, a one-time hedge fund employee, had previously spent several months in New York’s Rikers Island jail for procuring prostitution. She earned the nickname the “Manhattan Madam” in New York’s tabloids after saying publicly that her high-end escort service had about 10,000 well-heeled clients, half of them Wall Streeters. She said Spitzer had been among her clients, but had been banned for his behavior.”