NY Times Reveals Why Trump Hates Sarah Sanders So Much & Why She Puts Up With It


Donald Trump is not a fan of women. Even more, Donald Trump is not a fan of women who don’t look like porn stars. This has begged the question since she took over for Sean Spicer, what does the president say about the White House Press Secretary behind her back, or even to her face.

The social feeb that is our president is mostly unaware of how inappropriate he is, as can be seen in multiple instances caught on camera, like the one below:

The obviously inexcusable audio evidence was somehow excused by nearly every Republican standing, including Trump himself, who gave the whole “locker room” speech in which he basically said that this is how men in general speak.

By the way, it’s not.

Trump apologized to “anyone who was offended” right after saying that Bill Clinton had said far worse to him on the golf course.

So when the NY Times dropped a bombshell report on the way Trump really feels about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it went viral almost instantly. The article focuses on the aftermath of Sanders being asked to leave a Virginia restaurant Friday night. It reads:

“One powerful voice in Ms. Sanders’s camp, Mr. Trump himself, took his time in offering his support to a top aide who has become one of the most recognizable lightning rods over his policies and false claims. He waited 48 hours before writing a Twitter post criticizing the appearance of the eatery’s exterior, which he called ‘filthy’ and indicative of a ‘dirty’ establishment. He called Ms. Sanders a ‘fine person.'”

Just by appearance alone, it should be known by now that Huckabee-Sanders is likely a regular butt of White House jokes. The report continues, talking about why Trump may have taken so long to stick up for Sanders:

“In recent days, Mr. Trump has asked people privately what they think of Ms. Sanders — an indication, they say, that the press-obsessed president has begun souring on her. He has also told her, before she heads out to the lectern in the briefing room, that he is “going to grade” her televised performances. (People who have heard Mr. Trump make the threat say it is in jest.)”

“Ms. Sanders has been under a more watchful eye from her boss since the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 27, when she remained in her seat during a scathing roasting from a comedian who called her a liar. Mr. Trump has told people in the West Wing that he thought Ms. Sanders should have walked out, as another White House official, Mercedes Schlapp, chose to do in a showy display.”

This apparent rift is what likely led to multiple discussions about Sanders leaving her job by the end of 2018. It has to be very uncomfortable to stand up in front of America and lie to its citizens for a man who despises you on a cellular level.

Huckabee said this about reports that she was planning on leaving the White House.