Two Top HHS Officials Forced To Resign After Tweets About Hillary Clinton – Trump Fuming


Two officials from Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services have been forced to resign after disturbing social media posts got completely out of hand. Those posts were, of course, about Hillary Clinton because Republicans still seem to be quite obsessed with her. The problem is the nature of the posts, which goes beyond the normal disagreement.

According to POLITICO:

“One staffer publicly mocked senators who criticized Donald Trump as “clueless” and “crazy.” Another accused Hillary Clinton of having a campaign aide killed and employing pedophiles. A third wrote the “shameful” press was trying to deny Trump his victories.”

These employees are, ironically enough, responsible for forming the communications policies of the entire department. This might explain some questionable material released by the White House. Gavin Smith is one of the people fired. He lost his job over the following tweet:

“Just saw where Crazy @BobCorker called the #TrumpTrain a ‘cult! Let’s be clear sir, we’re not a cult — we’re a movement that defeated Crooked @HillaryClinton and that’s committed to ridding Washington of politicians like you. Good riddance — DC will be better off with you!”

Tim Clark was White House liaison for the department. He also lost his job over unprofessional behavior. POLITICO continues:

“Clark and Smith’s departures come after HHS leadership spent months embarrassed by stories about political appointees’ controversial behavior on social media. The moves also reflect Secretary Alex Azar consolidating his power five months after succeeding Tom Price, who resigned after POLITICO reported on his extensive use of private charter jets and left behind a fractious leadership team.”

The new secretary, and Tom Price’s replacement is Alex Azar. According to a colleague of Azar’s:

“He’s really no-nonsense, highly professional guy. And he thinks everyone should be, too. There could be more changes to come as the secretary gets fully on board and staffed up.”

Price was also forced to resign after getting caught up in a private jet scandal that he never recovered from.