Donald Jr.’s Fembot Girlfriend Just Freaked Out On A Reporter Like A Trump Wannabe


The Trumps have become known during their time in the public spotlight for their antagonism of the media. You’d hope for more from a president of the United States, but Donald Trump’s behavior has dashed those hopes.

Now, there’s a new member of the broad Trump clan making a name for themselves through going after the free press. Donald Trump Jr. got together with the now former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle after the formal move towards the dissolution of his marriage with Vanessa Trump, and she’s now — after not long as an informal member of the Trump circle at all — threatened a reporter and their media outlet for a story she doesn’t like.

She became enraged at a story claiming her recent exit from Fox News to not have been of her own accord. Yashar Ali wrote the story for HuffPost, which was based on the testimony of a number of sources and even noted that the Trump circle contested the claim.

Even still, Ali shared on Twitter:

‘Kimberly Guilfoyle has retained the law firm of Clare Locke & sent a threatening legal notice to HuffPost and me. Saying that my story had false and defamatory claims and that if the story wasn’t retracted it would constitute evidence of “actual malice.”(The story is accurate)’

He noted that the law firm she retained in her efforts against him and his publication was used by prominent recent public figures who were taken down by revelations of sexual misconduct including Matt Lauer and Glenn Thrush.

In the end, the news that Guilfoyle has gone after Ali and HuffPost in such a way is yet another example of the Trump team’s toxic antagonism towards the free press.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot