Trump Holds Ridiculously Tacky ‘Made In America’ Product Showcase At W.H. (VIDEO)


Through the global policy tumult of the Trump administration, the U.S. president has maintained that he’s working wonders for the economy. He has rushed to take credit for improving unemployment rates, while, as many have pointed out, ignoring the improvements that were unfolding thanks to Barack Obama’s policies when he took office.

Issues with Donald Trump’s economic policy platform have gotten more severe since that initial situation. However, he continues to dig into his present positions and maintain his “Make America Great Again” platform. On Monday, for the second year in a row, the White House held a “Made in America” products showcase meant as an opportunity for the president and his administration to tout their supposed successes.

Featured products at the 2018 showcase include everything from F-35 fighter jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin to yarn and cookies made by Bartlettyarns, Inc., and Ginger Betty’s, respectively. Those strikingly disparate products are featured right next to each other on a list of featured items the White House made available.

yarn Trump Holds Ridiculously Tacky 'Made In America' Product Showcase At W.H. (VIDEO) Donald Trump Economy Politics Top Stories

To be clear, though, while the president likes to stand in front of the nation and tout the support he’s supposedly provided to American business, his own businesses have made products overseas for years and years. His family businesses have at times utilized up to a dozen countries for their manufacturing needs, including China, which he has lashed out at recently with intense tariffs.

The tens of billions of dollars in tariffs have threatened businesses that do make their products in the U.S., even while Trump continues to claim to be sticking up for such interests. China, in response, has imposed tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of American goods, including agricultural products like soybeans and manufactured products like automobiles. Interests like the U.S. soybean industry have a major foundation in trade with China, but while Trump stands and spouts niceties about American made goods, his recklessness on the world stage threatens American businesses.

In addition to the Chinese retaliatory tariffs, the European Union, also targeted by the Trump administration, has imposed retaliatory tariffs on over $3 billion in American goods. In the time since the first “Made in America” products showcase, more of the true effects of Trump’s policies have come to fruition.

That’s not stopping Trump, though, who remains as flagrant and committed to his platform as ever. He began his Monday remarks by touting his own campaign efforts, “waving around his new campaign merch,” as journalist Aaron Rupar put it.

trump-hat Trump Holds Ridiculously Tacky 'Made In America' Product Showcase At W.H. (VIDEO) Donald Trump Economy Politics Top Stories

He went on to gloss right over possible holes in his platform, ignoring, for example, the fact that he has made products including campaign merchandise overseas when attacking those who are open to free trade.

With what could be described as the implosion of his economic utopian vision, Trump faces increased roadblocks to his attempts at re-election. Foreign interests have specifically targeted areas important to Trump’s 2016 victory with their retaliatory tariffs; with what’s approaching two years to go until the 2020 presidential election, how those tariffs weigh on the race to occupy the White House beyond that point remains to be seen.

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