Trump To Give $12 Billion In Bailouts To Farmers – Tax Payers Revolt In Furious Anger


Trump has made a complete mess of the foreign trade situation, and his massive tariffs are not only hurting our allies abroad, they are hurting American business. Farmers in the U.S. have been hit hard by tariffs, some not even able to break even.

Now, Trump is going to introduce a government bailout for the farmers he hurt.

To sum up, the president introduced unfair tariffs because he doesn’t understand anything other than greed, and when allies retaliated with tariffs of their own because, duh, our people then paid the price. Now, all Americans are paying the price to the tune of $12 billion in bailouts for farmers.

According to POLITICO:

“The administration’s plan is expected to use two commodity support programs in the farm bill, as well as the Agriculture Department’s broad authority to stabilize the agricultural economy during times of turmoil by buying up excess supply. The plan is also expected to focus on providing aid to the dairy sector in particular.”

So, Trump’s bright idea to save America’s dairy industry that he single-handedly took down, is to buy up all the products that other countries are now getting somewhere cheaper. Does this mean the U.S. government will be starting a dairy bank to store all these products they purchased with no actual need for them?

The publication continued:

“The plan has been in the works for months. It seeks to ensure that U.S. farmers and ranchers — a key constituency for President Donald Trump and Republicans — don’t bear the brunt of an escalating trade fight with China, the European Union and other major economies as the administration pursues an aggressive course to rebalance America’s trade relationships.”

Just a year ago, Trump promised to protect the Wisconsin dairy industry, saying above:

“We’re also going to stand up for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin..and I’ve been reading about it, I’ve been talking about it for a long time, and that demands really, immediately, fair trade with all of our trading partners, and that includes Canada. Because in Canada, some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others and we’re gonna start working on that.”

Now, dairy famers are begging for him to stop helping them:

POLITICO continues:

“Trump’s moves to slap tariffs on imports from some of America‘s largest foreign buyers have prompted retaliation against U.S. farm goods like pork, beef, soybeans, sorghum and a range of fruits. The administration’s trade aid plan is also a bid to shore up support among a slice of the rural electorate ahead of the midterm elections.”

“Trump this week is touring through Midwestern farm states like Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, where he will likely get inundated with questions about his trade agenda, which has been rebuked by a number of U.S. industries, including the agricultural sector and the business community in general, along with many members of Congress.”

Trump said this Monday at the White House:

“Make our farmers great again. That’s what’s happening.”