GOP Humiliated; Impeachment Of Rod Rosenstein Fails Miserably After One Day


After floating the idea of action against justice officials like deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for some time, House Freedom Caucus leadership filed articles of impeachment targeting him this Wednesday. Now, though, the formal efforts to impeach Rosenstein have been abandoned and GOP members of Congress have failed in yet another one of their efforts to turn the United States justice system in Trump’s favor.

After meeting with Republican Party leadership, which did not support his efforts, GOP Rep. Mark Meadows explained that in the case of Department of Justice officials continuing to push back against House GOP investigative efforts:

‘I think it is our desire to have more of a contempt process, which obviously has to have a partner with the Speaker and I think hopefully they will at least acknowledge we’ve made some reasonable concessions to give DOJ and FBI.’

The original articles of impeachment filed against Rosenstein were deeply flawed. Reporter Brad Heath noted how they built their arguments on already debunked arguments about the supposedly hidden bias of information used to drive the Russia investigation.

Frenzied House Republicans even pinned allegations of Trump team collusion with Russia on Rosenstein and the Department of Justice, despite the fact that no such claims have been made.

House Republicans’ maneuverings, in line with those of the president, are those of interests who have something to hide. No legal authority has formally alleged collusion, but they’re freaking out anyway. The impeachment efforts are one of many examples of Republicans attempting to serve Trump’s interest in the Russia scandal. They have changed their Congressional Russia probe into a probe of the nation’s justice system, desperate for a bogeyman.