Trump Supporters Left Bloody After Brutal Fight At Trump’s Hollywood Star (VIDEO)


People are seriously fed up with the current president of the United States. Just 48 hours after a man took a pickaxe to Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star, completely destroying it, protesters and counter-protesters gathered, turning the streets of Los Angeles into an MMA ring, complete with cameramen getting caught up in the melee.

A video filmed by a TMZ paparazzi shows the entire incident unfold late Thursday night. It began fairy peaceful, with a few weirdos dressed in Trump garb singing nationalist songs, which quickly gathered an angry crowd. The sidewalk filled with angry counter-protesters screaming, “FUCK TRUMP” and, as things often do, tensions overflowed into disrespect, which led to eventual psychical assault.

Check out the video of the craziness below:

The man who destroyed the star was charged with felony vandalism, but was bailed out of jail by James Otis, the man who destroyed it back in 2016.