Audio Experts Review Trump’s Election-Altering Cohen Recording; Donald Hides Out


Donald Trump is the most corrupt politician this country has ever seen. He can say something clearly on a video or a tape, then turn around the next day and tell everyone that he never said that. For instance, Thursday CNN released a tape recording which they received from Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis. ON the tape you can hear Trump say something very clearly…now his campaign denies that he said it. To get to the truth CNN hired audio forensics expert, Ed Primeau, to review the tape and let us all know what was said.

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Primeau knew nothing about the recording in advance, and CNN did not provide him a transcript of what was said. CNN wanted fresh ears to let us know what was said. Primeau analyzed the tape and determined the two were talking about buying rights to a story about an affair and how to keep it quiet. Cohen told Trump that “we’ll have to pay” to purchase the rights to the story, and Trump responded “I’ll pay with cash”, to which Cohen immediately replied with “no, no, no,” several times rejecting the idea of paying with cash.

Primeau analyzed the recording using tools that enhanced volume, isolated dialogue and even examined the sound waves on a screen. He had another sound expert at his firm review the same tape and that researcher came to the exact same conclusion. Primeau told CNN’s Chris Cuomo today:

‘I was in the room all day today. I enhanced the recording. I listened to the words and I typed them as I heard them. I didn’t know anything about this story prior to starting. So remaining unbiased was a key into the work that I did. And I stand behind what I’ve transcribed and presented tonight for your show.’

The recording was made by Cohen in September of 2016. Trump and Cohen are discussing plans to buy the rights to Karen McDougal’s story about the alleged affair she had with Trump years ago. The tape confirms that Trump knew about the payment to McDougal, even though he and his campaign deny everything. Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, now admits that Trump knew about the payment, but still insists that Trump did nothing wrong and that no payment was ever made.

Although Giuliani says that no payment was ever made, it’s kind of funny that McDougal’s story never hit the airwaves. That’s because someone bought the rights to her story and then refused to release it. CNN’s tape and its analysis prove that Trump has been lying to us all along. This is another case of Trump saying something on tape, then turning around and telling us he never said that.

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