Giant Billboard Calls Out Trump & The GOP For High Treason With Clever Symbolism


Since Mr. Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, an increasing number of people are finding ways to communicate their sheer shock and frustration with the fact that their so-called president is a traitor to the American people. One recent example is a Colorado billboard.

A new billboard in Colorado is calling out Republicans by displaying the word “GOP” on an all-red background, and instead of an “O” the letter has been replaced with a Soviet-era hammer and sickle.

The Daily Sentinel reported on Friday that the billboard, located in Grand Junction, was created by liberal blogger and author Anne Landman. According to The Sentinel:

‘But unlike the sign she organized urging Mesa County voters asking them to reject GOP state Sen. Ray Scott in his re-election bid in last month’s primary, this one is aimed at the entire Republican Party.’

Landman said:

‘I bought the billboard myself for a week purely out of my own level of outrage and frustration over Trump’s secret meeting with Putin in Helsinki. The things he did and said, trusting Putin over the conclusions of all of our own country’s intelligence agencies, blaming Americans for Russian cyber attacks on our election, making secret agreements, offering to consider handing Americans over to Putin’s intelligence agents to be interrogated, it was just unbelievable.’

Landman has actually received donations from others around town to expand the billboard for a few more weeks. The Sentinel reported:

‘She said the sign initially cost her $265 for a week. Since then, she’s collected another $1,696, and plans to post the sign, which currently is on an electronic billboard on U.S. Highway 6&50 at the Rimrock Marketplace, in at least two other locations.’

Landman’s idea for the sign came from a Facebook friend and she contacted MadDog PAC, the owner of the image and a political action committee formed to raise money to build opposition to Trump, who gave her permission to use the image. Landman said:

‘The billboard seems to be a lightning rod for the frustration of people with the Trump administration, and what it is doing to our country. Also, Democrats and progressives in our area have long been suppressed, outnumbered, made fun of, denigrated and lived in fear of speaking their minds and they are just rallying around this in a way I never imagined.’

The Sentinel tried to reach local Republican officials for a comment on Friday, but no one could be reached.

Here are a few comments from Twitter:

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