Giuliani Goes On ‘ABC Sunday’ & Screws Trump Over By Admitting To Unknown Evidence


Donald Trump’s TV attorney and former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, dropped a bombshell on Sunday morning television. He admitted that there was an increased number of tapes Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, had squirreled away. Is it possible that Giuliani could damage the president’s case any worse?

CBS host of Face The Nation, Margaret Brennan asked the former mayor how often POTUS showed up in the FBI’s materials seized from Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. The FBI took materials from Cohen’s home, his office, the hotel rooms where his family was staying during renovations, and even his bank safe deposit box.

Giuliani announced a stunning “183 unique conversations:”

‘Let me see if I can make it about as clear as possible. We know of something like 183 unique conversations on tape. One is with the president of the United States. That’s the three-minute one involving the (payment to former Playboymodel Karen McDougal).’

Then Trump’s attorney clarified, stating that the president spoke on “11 or 12” tapes:

‘There are 12 others — maybe 11 or 12 others — out of the 183 in which the president is discussed at any length by Cohen, mostly with reporters.’

Trump’s TV attorney claimed that the taped conversations agreed with Trump’s tweets and helped the president:

‘He didn’t know about the payments to (Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal) when it happened, that he only found out later, Cohen made (the payments), not for the campaign. He didn’t like the campaign, he said very derogatory things about the campaign. He said I only made it because I personally love the president and Melania. Which takes it right out of the campaign contribution arsenal.’

Giuliani’s claim that the tape ‘takes it right out of the campaign contribution arsenal” were far too optimistic, according to numerous legal experts, The Atlantic reported.

Read the entire Face The Nation Transcript by clicking on this link.

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