Roy Moore Gets Humiliated By Sacha Baron Cohen & It’s Absolutely Fantastic (VIDEO)


Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen has a new Showtime series called “Who Is America?” The show premiered on July 15 and reached 2.8 million viewer across all of its platforms. The new series also drove the highest number of subscriber sign-ups in one day in 2018.

In his show, Cohen, while dressed as a variety of characters, sets up interviews in order to punk various conservative politicians. On Sunday, Cohen’s Israeli character, Col. Erran Morad, a supposed anti-terror expert, sat for an interview with former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R).

Cohen’s character, Morad, told Moore that the Israeli military had created a pedophile detector. Morad said:

‘It turns out that sex offenders, and particularly pedophiles, secrete an enzyme, 4D-HT, it is three times the level of non-perverts. So the phrase “sweating like a rapist” is actually based on science.’

Moore started to show Moore how the device works by holding it up to himself and then Moore. When he held it up to Moore, it made a beeping noise. At that point, Moore denied being a pedophile and stormed off the set.

At least five women accused Moore of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers during the late 1970’s when he was in his early thirties, the youngest being 14 years of age.

According to Vanity Fair:

‘The show doesn’t seem to be generating the kind of water-cooler talk Cohen is used to. Is that a sign of our bifurcated times? Or that nothing shocks us anymore thanks to Donald Trump? It’s been over a decade since Cohen stormed America with his film Borat, which grossed $261 million worldwide and landed Cohen an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay. Back then, American Idol was the highest-rated television show, drawing some 30 million viewers on average each week at its 2006 peak. That’s a near-impossible task today with our multitude of entertainment options.’

Only time will tell the success of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new series in this current political climate. Many people are finding it hard to laugh at politics anymore these days and there isn’t much more Trump’s GOP can do to shock anyone at this point in time. Cohen does have a knack for exposing the raw truth about people though.

What would have been an interesting pursuit for Cohen was that he was nearly cast in Twentieth Century Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which opens in November. However, actor Rami Malek was finally chosen instead to play Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube