Trump Explodes Into Sunday 10-Tweet Rage Rant Like A Man About To Face Reckoning


It was a social media word salad of epic proportions. As if his previous tweets were Trump being as restrained as possible, his Sunday rage rant reached all-new levels of insanity and outrageous lies.

It’s difficult to even know where to start fact-checking this mess, but the most obvious place is Trump’s all-new assertion that he has higher poll numbers than Abraham Lincoln did while he was president from 1861 to 1865. Trump seems to know this is a ridiculous statement, which is why he asks in the tweet for somebody to “recheck that poll!” These are the types of easily fact-checked lies that Trump tweets to distract everyone from the rest of his lies.

It should go without saying at this point, but Trump does not have the highest poll ratings in history. Since the advent of polling, Trump has the lowest overall average of any president (42 percent) and has never, ever come close to any president’s highest approval rating (his highest approval rating was 45 percent).

Image via Gallup
Image via Gallup
Image via Gallup

He also begged people to “please understand” that his policy of ripping children away from their parents, traumatizing the children, is a good policy that must be done to keep America safe. Most Americans with any kind of heart, however, is having trouble getting this out of their head.

Trump isn’t going to be able to bully lawmakers into approving his judicial appointments or approving massive spending on unnecessary measures to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border seeking asylum. The fact that he’s willing to shut down the government and hurt millions of Americans to get his way shows just how ironic all of this is.

Twitter was also not hearing his lies on Sunday. See some of their comments below:

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