Report Reveals What T.V. Show Trump Models His Official Meetings By & It’s Terrifying


U.S. President Donald Trump’s obsession with Fox & Friends is literally shaping the direction of his administration and thus the country at large. The hosts of the program — who include individuals who have spouted off some deeply questionable sentiments at times — have been elevated to the status of de facto presidential advisers — and that’s barely a figure of speech, according to a new report from POLITICO.

One anonymous former White House official shared with the publication:

‘[Trump] comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on Fox & Friends, he schedules meetings based on that. If it’s Iran, it’s ‘Get John Bolton down here!’.. If he’s seen something on TV or [was] talking to [Fox News host Sean] Hannity the night before, he’s got lots of flexibility to do whatever he wants to do.’

Trump’s obsession with the program is well documented through his incessant near live tweeting of their broadcasts. He’s appeared on the program at times. Once, while being interviewed on the phone by the show’s hosts, he ranted for nearly thirty minutes in a scene that was grimly unbecoming for a man supposed to be the leader of the United States of America.

The recent news about how far he’s taken his obsession with the program and its positive coverage of him came alongside news about just how much chief of staff John Kelly continues to come up short in his efforts to rein in the president. The former Secretary of Homeland Security has allegedly tried to exert control over the president’s meetings above that of the Fox & Friends hosts, but to no avail. Trump continues on with the obsession over his portrayals in media that keeps him so attached to Fox and so antagonistic towards the free press at large.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot