Roy Moore Becomes Enraged After Setting Off Sacha Cohen’s Fake ‘Pedophile Detector’


Roy Moore has been an easy target for jokes since his underage sex scandal hit headlines across the country in November of 2017, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from backing him at every turn, officially reclassifying the party. The once group of “family values” politicians who claim to be focused on living and working under god, are now the party of sex scandals and lies, and thanks to Roy Moore and many others.

Since he hit headlines, Moore has stayed relatively quiet, hoping the hype dies down as it usually does. What he was not expecting was to fall for a gag that would end with him setting off a pedophile detector and walking off set. That is exactly what happened, however, when Moore sat for a fake interview with supposed Israeli anti-terrorism expert Erran Morad.

Morad was actually comedian/actor Sacha Baron Cohen playing a hilarious prank for his new show called This Is America.

In the clip below, Cohen shows Moore a new Israeli tool supposedly used to detect pedophilia. Cohen tells Moore:

“Sex offenders and particularly pedophiles secrete an enzyme for DDHT, which is actually detectable. It is three times the level as non perverts, so the phrase ‘sweating like a rapist’ is actually based on science. So in Israel they’ve developed a machine that is used in schools and playgrounds to detect anyone coming in and if they detect the pedophile, the wand alerts the law enforcement.”

That is when Cohen runs the device over Moore, and it then goes off with a loud beeping noise. Cohen continues the gag by saying this as he checks the now silent device on himself and others:

It’s malfunctioning. Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?”

Moore grows increasingly furious as he begins to try to protest the notion that he is somehow a pedophile, saying:

“I’ve been married for 33 years, I’ve never had an accusation of such things. If this is an instrument, then certainly I’m not a pedophile. I am simply cutting this conversation right now.”

Check out the clip for yourself and see the humiliation unfold: