Judge Blocks Trump Admin From Forcibly Injecting Detained Kids With Psyche Meds


Donald Trump’s people put a little boy who had been ripped from his asylum-seeking parents in isolation for two weeks, because they thought he had chicken pox. He did not. Just when people believed it could not get worse, it did. Check this out.

A federal judge has been one of the few advocates for children whose parents came from violence-torn countries where they faced certain death. She ordered Trump’s government, which has been forcibly injecting the migrant children with psychotropic drugs and giving them pills day and night, to get consent first.

Doing so without consent of their parents or guardians violated state child welfare laws. In addition, U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee ruled the government must remove all children in the Texas-based Shiloh Residential Treatment Center in Manvel, unless they were a “risk of harm” to themselves or others, according to The Washington Post.

The facility gave the children drugs telling them they were vitamins. Attorneys for the children wrote:

‘Psychotropic drugs can seriously and permanently injure children. The importance of oversight when giving psychotropic medications to children is well established. Without it, the potential for abuse — including using drugs as “chemical straight-jackets” to control children, rather than to treat actual mental health needs — is unacceptably high.’

One child was given multiple psychotropic drugs so powerful she was unable to walk. She said:

‘I witnessed staff members forcefully give medication four times. . . Two staff members pinned down the girl . . . and a doctor gave her one or two injections.’

Shiloh held as many as 44 children, and 32 were immigrant children. It has had a long history of illegal practices, including alleged child abuse, violence, and even the deaths of several children.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.