Michael Cohen Just Tried To Silence Avenatti – The Judge’s Response Was Perfect


Ever wonder what “basta” means? It is the word that Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, puts at the end of his tweets and interviews. When the Italian word “basta” is interjected, it means “enough!” When Avenatti says it, it also implies confidence, power, and case closed. The attorney’s simple word carried him right into a big new win.

Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, asked U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero to issue a gag order against Avenatti. The pit bull attorney, who has defended the little guy or gal against financial giants, has been using the media to give his case for the adult entertainer, whom Trump tried to silence, every advantage.



Avenatti tweeted:

‘Here is a copy of the Order Judge Otero just issued in our case against Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen. It denies their attempt to silence me and prevent me from commenting as to the truth. So much winning from these two! #Basta’

The attorney with the Italian-sounding name’s case did not overlap with Cohen’s case in the state of New York. In a separate case, the president’s former attorney was the self-described attorney fixer who paid off Daniels.

Judge Otero found that Cohen did not present enough evidence to show how Avenatti publicity impacted the commander-in-chief’s former attorney’s right to a fair trial, even though the attorney had appeared on over 170 news shows.

The judge wrote in his finding:

‘It is far from clear that the publicity in this case would affect the outcome of a trial that may happen, if at all, months down the road.’


He further wrote that if Daniels’ trial came to court, Cohen would not be impacted. After all, the parties were Trump, Daniels, and the Cohen company, Essential Consultants, LLC – not Cohen the individual.

In addition, Otero wrote about the current federal investigation into the president’s former attorney:

‘The extent and manner of Mr. Avenatti’s publicity tour, the rights and issues involved in this action are far less consequential than the potential criminal prosecution in New York.’

Daniels lawsuit against POTUS related to a nondisclosure agreement about the couple’s sexual experience. She received $130,000 for her silence, but claimed the agreement was null and void, because Trump never signed it.

She also has lawsuits against Cohen and Trump for defamation of character.

Twitter world lit up. Check out some more of our favorite tweets below:

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