Avenatti Announces Emergency Public Plea To Identify Person In Photo (IMAGE)


Michael Avenatti has caught a lot of flack for targeting the current president for an intense episode of airing dirty laundry, and the prospects of Trump being outed for possible impeachable offenses has many on the right completely terrified of losing the chance of appointing another supreme court justice, allegedly paid for by Donald Trump’s legal team, whose goal was to intimidate her into staying quiet on the issue, Avenatti has gained his own paid stalker. A man dressed in all black showed up at Avenatti’s business offices yesterday at 520 Marketplace in Newport Beach, California.

Avenatti tweeted the following just now:

This screenshot from Bing shows exactly where Avenatti’s law offices are located:

The responses to Avenatti’s tweet say it all, as many people are concerned for the lawyer’s well being in the age of Trumpism, where people believe they have the right to intimidate and harm a person fighting for the Truth on Trump.

We saved the best reactions for you below via Twitter: