Angry Trump Rally Crowd Erupts As Protester Gets Thrown Out Of Arena (VIDEO)


Trump’s America is full of inbred high school dropouts with red, white, and blue ball caps, tank tops, skull caps, flip flops, doormats, and bikinis; and in this world, the nation and its constitution are first and foremost. Unless, that is, we’re talking about freedom of speech, in which case, they can’t stand to hear anything they don’t agree with.

It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump does; these people will back him. He’s joked about murdering someone, grabbing women by their genitals, and having sex with his daughter, just to name a few. The real problems are the things he doesn’t joke about, however. Like his buddy-buddy relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and his raging rants against Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Iran, France, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

These attacks are not jokes. They can literally cause a war. Wars cause death, in case we’ve forgotten.

So when a protest erupted in the middle of Trump’s Thursday rally in Pennsylvania, the crowd of obvious jackasses acted just as their supreme leader does. Like fools. Check out the video below from Trump’s rally happening now:

The reactions to this tweet were practically unanimous. Check out the best ones below: