Nazi Flag Found Flying High At Park; American Flag Stolen By Trump’s ‘Very Fine People’


Donald Trump is the most dangerous man in the United States. His lying rhetoric has incited bigots to come out into the light to openly sling their hate where everyone can see it. CNN reported today that someone removed an American flag from a park in Wyoming and replaced it with a Nazi flag. The offender must be one of those “very fine people” Trump was talking about on the white supremacist side.

The American flag lay crumpled up on the ground near the base of the flagpole. Two officers who had been called to the scene picked up the American flag and folded it correctly, then one of them saluted it, and they proceeded to run it back to its rightful place on the flagpole. The Nazi rag was taken as evidence.

Jeremy Shaver, a senior associate director with the Anti-Defamation League told CNN:

‘It is appalling and outrageous that anyone would cast aside the American flag in a public park and replace it with an ugly symbol of the Nazi regime. We all have a responsibility to speak up when such hateful incidents take place in our communities.’

It’s absolutely disgusting that Donald Trump’s nationalistic rhetoric has brought back the evils of white supremacy and Nazism. These are dangerous people with dangerous ideals and they’ve found a true leader in Trump. It’s sad that Republicans do nothing to curb Trump’s hate speech. But really why would they? The way Republicans protect Trump’s treason makes them less American every single day. By the time the year’s up we should quit calling them Americans altogether.

In the old days Republicans would be outraged that a Nazi disrespected our national flag, but now they really don’t care. As long as that Nazi steps into the voting booth and pulls the large “R” lever, they’ll let him do whatever he wants to do. The Republicans have sold out America just so they can hold power and should be hanging their heads in shame.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube