Trump Makes Thursday Night Twitter Blunder – Buzzfeed Reporter Makes Total Fool Of Him


Donald Trump simply isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He loves to post to Twitter every day, but since he doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language, most of his posts have a lot of mistakes in them. He posted a tweet today with correctly spelled words — this time — but the mistake in the post made him look like a fool, anyway. He urged Ohio Republicans to go to the polls on August 7th and vote for Steve Stivers. The problem with that is that Steve Stivers isn’t on the ballot, so any votes made for him will take votes away from the Republican in the race, and help the Democratic candidate. Way to go Donny…maybe you’re finally realizing that we need more Democrats in our government.

Trump really should have known that Troy Balderson is the Republican in the special election race he’s talking about. Trump is just so sloppy with everything he does, he comes across as an unintelligent fool most of the time. Don’t politicians usually have people working for them who fact check and check their spelling before they post things for public consumption? Apparently Trump’s helper must have quit or something.

It’s almost unbelievable that a very stable genius like Trump would make a mistake like that. One would think that Trump would be the most informed person in the country, but one would be wrong. Apparently someone on Trump’s team who can read and has a tiny bit of knowledge let him know about his mistake because Trump quietly deleted the tweet. But who knows there may be a whole gaggle of Trump quislings go to the polls in five days and write in the wrong candidate…after all Republicans aren’t really known for their intelligence either.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube