BREAKING: 11 States Band Together Against Trump’s Careless Gun Laws – Get Ready


The debate over 3D-printed guns has raged with common sense gun law reform activists on one side and pro-gun organizations like the NRA on the other. How anyone can argue after the mass shootings have escalated in recent times that allowing people to print guns for which no registration or background check would ever be necessary is a good idea is stunning, but they’re trying to, anyway.

Eleven new states, however, are not arguing the same. Reuters reports:

‘California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, and┬áVirginia were added in a Thursday court filing to the list of eight mainly Democratic-controlled states and the District of Columbia who sued the U.S. government in federal court.’

The lawsuit began with attorneys general from eight states filing the lawsuit. With 11 new states added, the total is up to 20, or 40 percent of the United States.

‘The states behind the lawsuit argue that publishing blueprints would allow criminals easy access to weapons. Gun rights advocates say fears about 3-D printed guns are largely overblown, based on current technology.’

Gun rights advocates insist that the 3D-printed guns are not a security risk because they’re guns that anyone can buy at a gun store. They ignore the fact that more stringent background checks are necessary if the U.S. ever intends to not have the most mass shootings of any developed country, including shootings in schools. Metal detectors, so touted by GOP lawmakers as the answer to school shootings, will not detect the plastic guns.

‘The U.S. State Department had previously banned the blueprints as a national security risk and a violation of arms trafficking regulations. As recently as April, the government in court filings argued downloadable guns would allow extremist groups and criminals abroad unfettered access to arms.’

Featured image via Twitter by @Alyssa_Milano