BREAKING: Melania’s Top Aide Announces Sudden Resignation After 7 Months On Job


Melania Trump is not necessarily the most popular first lady in history, and her recent stunt at one of her husband’s child internment camps left a very bitter taste in pretty much everyone’s mouth that hasn’t gulped on the Trump Kool-Aid. During that visit to traumatized children, Melania wore a jacket that said “I don’t really care, do you?”

Now, Melania’s top aide has announced that she is stepping down from the position she’s been in since January. Reagan Hedlund says that the reason for her resignation is so that she can make a return to her roots in foreign policy, but the constant scrutiny surrounding anyone associated with the Trump Administration, and maybe the complete denouncing of facts occuring daily could be a good reason to tuck and run.

Hedlund, who is the former executive assistant at the National Security Council, said this about leaving:

“I am very grateful to the first lady for the opportunity to help launch her policy initiative. It was a rare opportunity to contribute at such a high level. It was a difficult decision to leave. However I have decided to return to my roots in the foreign policy world.”

According to POLITICO:

“Melania Trump’s staff is tight-knit and has a reputation for avoiding leaks. Multiple West Wing aides and others close to President Donald Trump’s administration said they either hadn’t heard about Hedlund’s departure or were unsure of the exact reason.”

Hedlund worked closely with Melania on her failed “Be Best” campaign. The announcement of the campaign was met with ridicule due to the slogan because it is not exactly grammatically accurate. (insert foreigner joke here)

Melania’s camp was eventually reached for a comment. Spokesperson Stephanie Grisham says:

“She is no longer with our office and we wish her our best.”

Leaves you wanting, doesn’t it?

POLITICO continues, saying that Hedlund, “arrived in the East Wing as the first lady was defining her policy portfolio, which includes veterans’ issues, opioid abuse and problems facing children including bullying.”