Man & His Family Kicked Out Of Store For Shopping While Black; Viral Video Closes Store


Who said racism is dead in America? Whoever it was certainly doesn’t know anything about what happens here that’s for sure. We’ve all seen videos of blatant racism being practiced all over the country. Now here’s another video of it happening for all of us to see. Anthony O’Neill and his family were out shopping a couple of weeks ago when they got kicked out of a store, and O’Neill said it was because they’re black…he also caught most of the exchange on video.

AND THIS JUST HAPPENED!!!Me and my family came out to Sausalito and were kicked out of this store #QuestCasual­čś│We were shopping not playin. But you have to try on to buy or not to buy. WATCH!!!!!!!!!!#YoureNotListening#RefusedToDoBusiness#BecauseImBlack#BlackInAmerica#ColoroFMySkin#BlackInBayArea

Posted by Anthony O'Neill on Sunday, July 22, 2018

O’Neill and his family were in Quest Casuals in Sausalito, CA. on July 22nd. His kids were trying on hats and jackets that they were interested in buying. After store owner Hooshang Seda approached them and asked them to leave the premises, O’Neill took out his phone to record the incident. His video has now gone viral with over 350,000 views on Facebook alone.

At the beginning of the video Hooshang Seda can be seen and heard saying, “I am not after trouble Sir. I am asking you to leave because I refuse to do business with you.”

After asking him to leave, the Seda called police. In the video, Seda can be seen behind a desk, on the phone. O’Neill exclaims, “What are you talking about? My kids were trying on clothes and you kicked us out. Just another incident in the Bay.”

ABC 7 News spoke with Hooshang Seda but he didn’t want to appear on camera. He did however give them a written statement in which he said ” he asked O’Neill and his family to leave because they were disturbing business by making a scene. He says the girls were trying on adult-sized vests, which cost hundreds of dollars, and had them on the floor. Seda says he did not ask them to leave because of their race.”

ABC also interviewed O’Neill had he had something very different to say.

‘I know when it’s a race-based thing, you know and it felt very very prejudice. I felt it in this episode and I’ve felt it at other times since being here and I’ve been here for five months.’

O’Neill recently moved to the Bay Area from Chicago and says he feels a different racial tension here. ABC and nearly everyone else must feel it too, because the news station showed other examples of white people in the Bay area calling the cops on black people for no apparent reason.

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