Rosenstein Taunts Trump In Harsh Speech; Thunderous Ovation Has Donald Fuming


Donald Trump’s supporters are more than willing to believe that our national intelligence agencies, two former FBI directors (James Comey and Robert Mueller), other senior officials in the FBI and CIA, his own appointees to the DOJ (Attorney General Jeff Sessions and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein), Republican-appointed federal judges, an entire FISA court, anyone who formerly worked under President Obama, and scores of other people are part of some deep state conspiracy to take him down.

That’s easier to buy than the fact that they’re wrong about Trump and that he really did coordinate with Russia to illegitimately win the presidency in 2016.

Rod Rosenstein, one of Trump’s most favorite targets, spoke at the annual American Bar Association meeting and received thunderous applause despite Trump’s criticism and threats, according to POLITICO.

‘Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein seemed relaxed on Thursday during a gathering of his legal peers here for the American Bar Association’s annual meeting. A standing ovation that lasted well over a minute might have played a role.

‘Rosenstein didn’t say a word about recent Republican efforts to impeach him. Nor did he utter the name Robert Mueller, the special counsel whose investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election he is overseeing.’

Rosenstein never mentioned Trump’s threats and attacks on himself and other government officials, but he did reference the investigation and the Department of Justice’s role in it.

‘President Trump selected a superb team of skilled and principled lawyers to lead the Department of Justice and our U.S. Attorney’s Offices. Our decisions do not please all the people all the time — in case you haven’t noticed.’

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Rosenstein also spoke about the current attacks on the midterm elections from Russian hackers.

‘It is a significant threat and we’re taking steps to prevent it, including the recent indictments that have received publicity. And I think informing the American people is an important part of deterrence.’

Trump may think that his constant attacks on those charged with investigating his more suspicious actions will help influence the investigation the way Russia influenced the elections, but he’s unlikely to see the same results in his favor that he received under Putin’s meddling.

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