Superhero Grandma In A Ford Pinto Arrested For Blocking Dakota Pipeline Placement


When people make big stands against those who are destroying our environment, other people perk up their ears and take notice. For instance, nearly everyone paid attention a couple of years ago when several Native American tribes protested against the Dakota pipeline. Well it’s time for us to again pay attention after a grandma in a Ford Pinto got arrested protesting a pipeline being constructed in West Virginia.

Crabtree in the Pinto before her arrest.

Becky Crabtree barricaded herself in the 1971 Pinto, which was raised up on a tall base of wood, to keep construction workers from starting to lay out the 303 mile mile long Mountain Valley Pipeline. The pipeline, carrying  2 billion cubic feet of fracked natural gas, would cross not only some of Crabtree’s land but also 1000 bodies of water and 245 miles of forest. When the pipeline either breaks or leaks, like all of them eventually do, it will cause major damage to the environment.

Fighting the good fight!

So Crabtree, a retired schoolteacher, knew she had to do something to stop the pipeline. Unfortunately law enforcement didn’t care for her protest. They showed up and took her into custody Tuesday and charged her with obstruction; she was later released on her own recognizance though.

Oh oh…here’s comes the fuzz.

She told Vice News today

‘It just hit me. I can’t just teach my students about climate change and have them fill out a sentence about fossil fuel energy and its negative impact. I know what the impacts are. I have to live this. I’ve pretty much exhausted all my other options. It wasn’t on my bucket list to get arrested, but now I can tell my grandkids that your grandmother was arrested trying to save this land.’

She sounds like a spunky little lady and someone who is used to standing up for herself and her community. Her protest may not have put a stop to the pipeline right now, but it sure has raised national awareness about her fight. Hopefully her story goes viral and thousands of people show up to help her.

Featured Image Screenshot via Facebook