92,000 People Have Responded To Trump’s Attack On Don Lemon & LeBron James


LeBron James sat for an interview with CNN host Don Lemon and discussed the new school for at-risk children that James started and largely funds on his own. When the subject of Donald Trump, who has had a contentious relationship with most professional athletes during his presidency, came up during the interview, LeBron let his feelings be known without ever becoming insulting or calling names.

That’s something that even the current president cannot manage.

From Maxine Waters to Jay-Z to Steph Curry, Trump seems to have an issue with black Americans. Although other politicians, such as Eric Swalwell, have criticized Trump, he has never tweeted about him. Other rappers, such as Eminem, have also deeply expressed their disdain for the president, but Trump has said nothing. Steve Kerr, coach of the NBA champs the Golden State Warriors, has also been very critical of the president, and yet Trump has said nothing.

It isn’t as if Trump has never said or done anything racist before now. One of his tweets during the 2016 presidential elections included a meme with false statistics about how dangerous black people are. It’s his attacks on the intelligence of black Americans, especially one as altruistic and iconic as the newest Los Angeles Laker, LeBron. Trump’s rabid fanbase may love these kinds of attacks, but smarter people are catching the loud dogwhistle racism spewed by the president constantly.

Twitter expressed their disgust over Trump’s tweets. See some of their responses below:

Featured image via Flikr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license