Joe Biden Tweets Saturday Selfie With Obama That Has GOP Heads Spinning (IMAGE)


Barack Obama and Joe Biden are extremely missed in today’s heated, and volatile political climate, and further attacks by the current administration have only seemed to strengthen the bond Obama has with his supporters. Since he left office, Obama has shied away from the spotlight, causing mass calls for his return to politics from Americans desperate to make America intelligent again.

Now, at least in the past week, Obama and his bro, former VP Joe Biden, have been painting the town red, including a cute lunch at Dog Tag Bakery, a place that puts proceeds into a fundraiser for wounded veterans.

Now, the popular former vice president has tweeted out another image of he and Obama at their usual shenanigans again, and Barack seems to be having a swell time.

That lunch last week was one that was heavily circulated in the media, and went viral in seconds on social media. Below is the video of the two pals chumming it up as they often do:

The reactions to Biden’s birthday tweet to Obama were just as sentimental as Biden’s message itself. We saved the best reactions for you below: