Trump Spends The Day Not Doing His Job At Another Hillbilly Rally & It’s Scary-Stupid


The people of the United States sure haven’t got their money’s worth out of Donald Trump. He’s wasted millions of tax payer dollars golfing, visiting his various properties, and running around the country soaking up the adulation from his unintelligent supporters. Sadly neither he nor any of his supporters are smart enough to come in out of the rain. He wasted yet another day today at one of his love fests, this time in Ohio and he posted a tweet about it.

Of course he loves them…he knows they’re all quislings and dumb enough to still be supporting him even though he’s a proven traitor to this country. Hopefully Robert Mueller will hurry up and put him in jail so he’ll quit bleeding our coffers dry flying all around the country.

His video starts with him coming out to greet the crowd and the Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the U.S.A.” is playing. That’s very ironic considering Trump has done everything in his power to prove that he doesn’t love the U.S.A, he loves Russia and Vladimir Putin instead.

Trump then proceeded to spout off huge lie after huge lie to a fawning crowd of quislings. At one point he even praised Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a man who ignored alleged sexual abuse by a team doctor when he was the assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State. He even pulled Jordan up on stage with him.

What is it with Trump throwing his support behind people accused of either committing sexual wrongs, or ignoring the problem when they find out about them? It must have something to do with all the sexual assaults and misdeeds Trump has allegedly committed himself. Whatever it is it’s really embarrassing that we have a man running the country that sees nothing wrong with people who do things like that.

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