Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks & Humiliates Sheriff Joe Arpaio & It Is Fantastic


Joe Arpaio should count his lucky stars that he has a friend in Donald Trump, or else he’d be sitting in his rightful place right now…which is in prison. If he had been in prison right now, then we wouldn’t have been able to watch Sacha Baron Cohen make a total fool out of him tonight on Showtime’s Who Is America?. Among other things, Cohen even got Arpaio to give a speech to a toy donut about why guns are so good.

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Before the hilarious video even aired, the humiliated Arpaio issued a statement saying that he had been the target of one of Cohen’s pranks, and that he had been uncomfortable with the questions he was asked on the show. After watching it one can see exactly why he would be so humiliated, and that’s because it was apparent that Arpaio had no trouble with the interview whatsoever.

Cohen, playing Finnish comedian OMGWhizzBoyOMG, asked Arpaio if he was close to Donald Trump and whether Trump was a rich man. He then proceeded to turn the conversation to “gold” things, and eventually got around to asking if Trump would give him a golden shower…to which Arpaio said he definitely would. The ignorant ex-sheriff didn’t realize that Cohen was talking about the kind of golden shower in the infamous Steele Dossier and not a literal gold shower.

Things most definitely got even raunchier towards the end of the video when Cohen was able to get Arpaio to admit that he would perform oral sex on Trump if asked. Why are people from the right wing so ignorant? Cohen has had so many stupid Republican targets that have fallen for his pranks, that’s it’s mind blowing. Cohen makes it easy to see why people on the right are accused of having no common sense…because it’s very apparent that they don’t.

Just check out Cohen’s Who Is America? on Sunday nights to see for yourself. Below is the entire hilarious Arpaio interview from tonight’s show. Enjoy!

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube