Anonymous Is Back And They Just Vowed To Expose And Take Down Lying QAnon


If there’s one thing everyone in the country can count on, it’s that conservatives will fall for anything. They’re so unintelligent and so uninformed that they’ll believe even the wildest lies. But the premier hacktivist group Anonymous is going to help educate them by exposing and taking down the group QAnon that has been telling so many despicable lies. Their lies are so bad that it’s a wonder someone hasn’t been killed yet. Anonymous posted this video to their Twitter account yesterday.

It’s apparent that Anonymous is really ticked off. The hacker collective said they’re tired of QAnon taking advantage of the misinformed, and poorly educated, and they think anyone who believes what QAnon is saying is foolish. The hackers also say they already know who is responsible for Q and that

‘Someone is going to get hurt, so we have to put our foot down and start some shit with you all. In our collective we all have our differences and internal drama, but we do have one thing in common…none of us are happy with your bullshit.’

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For those not in the know, QAnon claims to be a high-ranking government official inside the Trump administration. Q spends his/her time spreading absolutely outrageous conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories such as, Democrats and Hollywood elites are running underground child sex rings, that Robert Mueller is really investigating Hillary Clinton and that hundreds of indictments have already been handed down but the deep state is covering them up. You know…outrageous stories that anyone with even a tiny bit of common sense would never believe.

Unfortunately conservatives have never been accused of having common sense, so of course a whole bunch of them believe everything they hear. Hopefully after Anonymous gets done with Q there will be a whole bunch of red-faced conservatives feeling absolutely humiliated.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube