Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes GOP Delegate Into Screaming Homophobic Slurs


Sacha Baron Cohen must have a wonderful time dressing up in disguise and pranking politicians on the far, far right. He has duped Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and even convinced ultra-conservative politicians to give guns to toddlers. His latest prank was hilarious.

This time, Cohen dressed up as an anti-terror expert named, Sergeant Erram Morad. The GOP delegate from Alabama, Shaun McCutcheon said about himself:

‘(I) helped elect President Donald Trump as president of the U.S.’

This episode of Cohen’s show Who Is America  brought tears of laughter to the audience. Cohen had the man carrying around a ham, chasing the so-called trainer, because Muslims were supposedly afraid of pork.

McCutcheon did not catch on, even when Cohen explained his HIV (Hide, Infiltrate, Violence) program. The actor provided unique helmets for the GOP delegate and one of his aides – they looked like layers of documents or phone books.

Then, Cohen employed his “homosexual defense.” This involved McCutcheon jogging through cubicles carrying a shield that showed a homosexual act on it. Cohen had the man shouting:

‘You’re a homo! You’re a homo! You’re a homo!’

Another tactic was for McCutcheon and his aide to go through a simulation of attacking the actor. One held the ham and shouted “pork,” while the delegate carried his shield and shouted “you’re gay!”

Check out McCutcheon and Cohen in action in the video below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.