Newspaper Cuts Out Comic Strip Due To Tariffs While Donald Rages About Fire On Twitter


Each of us probably has a favorite cartoon character. Sunday cartoons have been a tradition since the not-so-dark ages. Conservatives wanted to blame President Barack Obama for everything, but this time the blame fell right on the sitting president’s shoulders. Thanks, Trump.

When, North Carolina readers opened  their Sunday newspaper, they were no more colorful comics or even black-and-white comics. What could have happened to them?

It appears, The Robesonian had to cut them. No, the reason was not that the comics were politically insensitive. The newspaper said:

‘For the most part, we have kept our head down in the Donald Trump crossfire that consumes this country. It’s not that we don’t have an opinion on the nation’s 45th president; everyone does, and we are included. It’s more that we don’t know that we can add to the conversation in a meaningful way when no one seems in a mood to have their mind changed.’

The newspaper had to drop their Sunday comics, because:

‘(The) decision that we really believe was made at the White House.’

It seems the Robesonian was facing mere survival. Why? “Trump’s Tariffs:”

‘One of the targets in Trump’s Tariffs War has been newsprint from Canada, the cost of which has risen about 30 percent since the beginning of this year. The tariffs are protecting a single Washington plant that apparently can’t otherwise effectively compete, but is being shielded by the president from the free market — a decidedly unRepublican approach and contrary to the capitalistic fundamentals that have given us the world’s No. 1 economy and nourishes it.’

One of the largest expenses for any newspapers has been newsprint.  Newspapers had been on shaky grounds for quite some time, until Donald Trump became president, and the news picked up speed.

Trump calls any story he does not like “Fake News” and the press “enemies of the people.” The Robesonian posed a vital problem facing the media as :

‘Imagine, if you will, that The Robesonian didn’t exist — and the public was left to gather on their own the news that matters, ranging from some of our county commissioners using your tax dollars to their benefit, to the delightful news of what is occurring at Northeast Park and all that is in between. For more and more communities, that is becoming the reality — the watchdog is no more.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.