BREAKING: Tuesday Night Ohio Special Election Winner Just Announced (DETAILS)


The Ohio special election results are in and the winner Troy Balderson by 0.9%

Today’s special election in Ohio is one that could predict the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections in November. This means that if Democrat Danny O’Connor were to win tonight against Republican Troy Balderson, the likelihood of a blue wave taking back the House of Representatives in the fall is far greater than the possibility of Republicans maintaining control.

According to Washington Post:

“Although the GOP has held the district since 1983, the party and conservative PACs have spent more than $4 million to stop a Democratic surge, compared with less than $1 million from Democratic groups.”

The publication continues:

“Balderson appeared to make a campaign-trail stumble at a rally on Monday where he wrapped up a speech by dismissing the importance of Franklin County, which is a large part of the 12th Congressional District.”

Balderson’s statement to the press revealed real concern for the election’s outcome. He told The Guardian, “my opponent is from Franklin County and Franklin County has been challenging for us. We don’t want somebody from Franklin County representing us.”

O’Connor’s statement had quite the opposite feel. He said, “this district deserves someone who is going to represent all of us and fight for our priorities in Washington, and Mr. Balderson just made it pretty clear that’s not him.”

Balderson had the full support of the president of the United States, with Trump advertising for him via his Twitter account. Trump tweeted this about Balderson Tuesday morning:

Just last weekend, Balderson said this at a Trump rally:

“Your countless volunteer hours, your enthusiasm and, most importantly, your vote helped put Donald J. Trump in the White House. We need to do that again.”

The responses to that tweet were overwhelming. Check out the best responses below: