Football God Aaron Rodgers Makes LeBron Statement That Is Sure To Infuriate Trump


Donald Trump just loves to bring attention to himself by posting insulting, childish tweets. When it comes to insulting sports stars, he normally prefers to denigrate black NFL players, but last week he went in a different direction and put down black NBA star LeBron James instead. Although James didn’t respond to Trump’s idiotic tweet, plenty of other people jumped in to defend him. Today Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers weighed in on Trump’s one sided feud and Trump will hit the roof because of it.

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers says to just ignore Trump.

In an interview with’s Mike Silver, Rodgers wanted LeBron to know that most people support him no matter what.

‘He knows he has the support of his contemporaries in his own sport and in other sports.’

He then delved into what all of us should be doing when Trump tweets something stupid, and his advice is absolutely brilliant.

‘I think the more we give credence to stuff like that, the more it’s gonna live on. I think if we can learn to ignore or not respond to stuff like that — if we can — it takes away the power of statements like that.’

Rodgers sounds like a very level-headed, and intelligent guy. Maybe we should all just ignore Donald Trump all the time. Trump gets off on making people angry, that’s why he lies all the time and insults people every chance he gets.

He’s nothing but a washed up, failed game show host who feeds off the pain of others. He does these things so he can somehow try to feel good about himself. He knows he’s been a failure at every turn in his life, so he wants to bring everyone else down too.

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